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Back to School!

As the country looks towards the return of our children to normal schooling in the coming weeks, Sanaway Director – Patrick Martin, explains the challenges faced by a clinical waste firm during these unprecedented times.

‘Last year the government issued an edict on the run up to Christmas that detailed the need for bulk lateral flow testing to be in place as schools’ returned in January 21. Whilst they fundamentally did an exceptional job of distributing the kits over Christmas, no one had thought of the implications regarding the two controlled waste streams that are generated by the tests. In terms of our position, it was fortunate the lockdown occurred, as it gave us time to ensure the correct implementation of this service was achieved internally.’

With approximately 185 schools under their care, Sanaway had to react quickly to ensure all schools still providing teaching for essential workers children were looked after immediately. With that completed inside a week, they have concentrated the remainder of their resources during January & February to ensure the balance of their clients, the NHS inoculation centres that have sprung up, and new customers that found themselves ignored are all provided for.

For Covid related waste disposal, please contact the Sanaway office on 0345 094 9495 or email info@sanaway.co.uk