A unique, auditable ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ washroom service provider

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A unique, auditable Zero Waste to Landfill washroom service provider. Sanaway provides a range of comprehensive washroom and matting services tailored to suit the need of each individual client. Working across the South of England, and nationally through our partner network, we are dedicated to the provision of outstanding customer care. Our unique family based approach, regardless of your size or budget, allows us to provide a service specific to your needs and requirements.

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About Sanaway

zero waste to landfill
zero waste to landfill


We operate a unique auditable Zero Waste to Landfill provision within the washroom services sector.

Zero Waste to Landfill is based on Energy from Waste (EFW) technology and is a sustainable solution for both waste management and energy production.

Only 0.005% of the process is non-recyclable and all recyclable elements are removed before the incineration process.


ISO 14000

Our market leading standard gives our clients the benefits of ‘continuous improvement for ISO 14000’ whilst reinforcing their environmental commitment and credentials to both their staff and clients.

iso 14000
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