A unique, auditable ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ washroom service provider

sanaway lorry

Introduction of Bulk Clinical / Incontinence Service

2021 has seen Sanaway Ltd respond to the demand on their Zero Waste to Landfill provision, with the implementation of a lorry based bulk clinical & incontinence disposal service.

In addition, they have also fast tracked a Covid testing disposal service for the twin controlled waste streams that are generated by the process.

Sanaway Director Graham Key states – ‘It’s been a service we’ve looked at for several years now, and with the current pandemic, we had no option but to respond ahead of the need of our clients. Investing heavily in the infrastructure to provide this seamlessly meant a short Christmas for us this year, but the response, and demand, from our customers has more than demonstrated this was the right decision’

Based around the 770L waste unit, all services are operated on a weekly, two weekly, or four weekly turn around, with the collated wastes processed through their unique ZWTL scheme.

Contact Sanaway today to determine how your requirement can be met. Email info@sanaway.co.uk or call 0345 094 9495