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Sanaway Washroom Services

Sanaway provide a range of comprehensive washroom and matting services tailored to suit the need of each individual client. Working across the South of England, and nationally through our partner network, we are dedicated to the provision of outstanding customer care. Our unique family based approach, regardless of your size or budget, allows us to provide a service specific to your needs and requirements.

Did you know?
Employers are legally obliged to provide a means of sanitary waste disposal, even if only a single female staff member is employed. Sanitary products are a controlled waste stream and must be disposed of correctly under strict legislation. It is the responsibility of all businesses to adhere to this legislation for the welfare of their employees, visitors and customers.

Feminine Hygiene

Sanaway’s ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ feminine service is truly unique within the marketplace. Auditable and discreet, and with each unit promoting our clients individual commitment to the environment, we also offer a selection of additional colour choices for those with differing requirements. At Sanaway, Duty of Care paperwork is provided free of charge, as is access to signed records of your service delivery.

Air Quality Systems

Sanaway provides a diverse range of air quality solutions to aid the management of malodours within the washroom. This enables a consistent delivery of a fresh and comfortable environment, and at the same time improves staff wellbeing.

Urinal Management

Sanaway offers the perfect solution for the male washroom environment with our diverse range of urinal and water management systems. Suiting all applications, and with environmental consideration being the driving motivation, cost savings are also achieved through correct implementation.

Nappy Disposal

Sanaway’s nappy disposal service places the emphasis on the customer retaining management of their provision. By providing touch free/sensor activated 55L internal bins, and various sized external holding units, malodours need never be a problem again. With weekly, 2-weekly or 4-weekly collections to suit your requirements, we also ensure that cost consideration is at the forefront.

Soap Dispensers & Sanitisers

Ensure your washroom facilities are a safer and more hygienic environment with our range of soap dispensers and seat sanitisers. Whether you are looking for a convenient sanitising solution, or a diverse range of soap dispensers, Sanaway offers a variety of features and finishes that will suit your requirement.

Vending Machines

Is your business located away from retail premises, or do you operate outside standard hours? Sanaway’s vending machines deliver the essentials your staff may need whilst on-site.

Floor Matting

Sanaway provide a range of floor matting systems specifically designed to create a safe and hygienic barrier for your building. Reducing moisture and dirt ingress, in addition to preventing slips, trips and falls, tailored entrance matting is a modern day essential. Whether a bespoke logo design or standard service matting, we offer a variety of solutions to suit each individual need.

Hand Drying

Sanaway offers a range of innovative hand dryers in all shapes and sizes. All our dryers are hygienic, have low energy usage and speedy drying times. Our super efficient range is also kind to the environment and help reduce your carbon footprint. We also have a range of bespoke hand dryers, please ask our friendly team for more information.

Sharps & Clinical Waste

Sanaway provides safe collection and disposal of sharps and clinical waste, in addition to the collection and treatment of hazardous waste, thus ensuring that you are compliant with current Hazardous Waste Regulations. Our team of trained service technicians ensure your waste is transported and disposed of in the correct manner and in compliance with current legislation.

Incontinence Disposal

Whether you are looking for a reliable, consistent and discreet disposal service for your nursery, or indeed an environmentally considerate company for your care home, Sanaway ticks all of these boxes. Operating a lorry based service of 770L units, and included with Duty of Care paperwork at no additional cost, why not consider our unique and auditable Zero Waste to Landfill service for your disposal needs? Additionally, we also provide a complete removal service should you be undertaking large quantities of rapid result Covid-19 testing.

Are you a small business?
Looking to combine peace of mind with keeping your staff and visitors safe? Take a look at our Small Business Hygiene Pack that contains 3 essential products which every small business needs.

Sanaway Washroom Services

zero waste to landfill

We operate a unique, auditable ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ washroom service provision.

iso 14000
ISO 14000

Our market leading standard gives the added benefits of ‘continuous improvement for ISO 14000’.


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