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covid 19

The disposal of Covid lateral flow test kits

In response to the Governments recent announcement regarding the disposal of Covid-related testing waste, Sanaway are pleased to announce a comprehensive guide and a turn key service in relation to the processing and segregation of these streams from the producers stand point.

Firstly, you must be able to:

  • Confirm that you are using lateral flow test kits?
  • Establish how much room you have for external bins?
  • Determine whether you require a provision of internal units and bags?

For reference, lateral flow tests are a rapid 15/30 minute test that have been introduced to schools and businesses for bulk testing of pupils or staff. For businesses & organisations, any PPE worn by staff during their testing along with any wipes and paper tissues, are classified as offensive waste and should be classified under 18 01 04 for disposal. Offensive waste must be placed in yellow sacks with at least one black stripe.

covid 19

The test kits themselves are classified under 18 01 07. The test kit contains a biocide which kills off any infection present, so even if the test returns a positive result the waste is non-hazardous. It is classified under 18 01 07 because there remains a non-hazardous chemical within the kit. Both of these waste streams must be kept separate from general waste. The test kits should be placed in a bag of neutral colour i.e. clear or white, but not a clinical waste sack.

Both bag types may be disposed of in the same external bin, of which, Sanaway can provide. All external packaging should be disposed of through your normal recycling channels.

As a Sanaway customer, there is the option of 360 or 770L bin on a 2 or 4 weekly service, and the minimum service length is 6 months. Sanaway will monitor the service with you in the first instance, but if the frequency is not enough, we can adjust accordingly.

Contact Patrick Martin today for a detailed individual response to your enquiry. Email info@sanaway.co.uk or call 0345 094 9495