urinal sanitisers
The electronic Quadrasan Urinal Sanitiser System


Fully automatic

Fully programmable

Enzyme based sanitising fluid

Environmentally friendly

  • Prevents build up of hard water and uric scale
  • Assists reduction in general washroom malodours
  • Fully automatic - battery operated
  • Fully programmable to ensure maximum effectiveness
  • The unit releases measured amounts of Biosolve&mark; sanitising fluid which, via a foaming action, ensures full coverage of the pan or cistern
  • Enzyme based; meaning it attacks the cause of the problem rather than trying to mask it
  • Sanitising fluid is a high performance, environmentally friendly, biodegradable solution produced from natural materials. It is non-irritant, non-hazardous, non-corrosive and non-flammable
  • Installed and serviced monthly to ensure continuous protection
  • Available in Classic White or Chrome
Sensaflush Water Management System


120mm(h) x 60mm(w) x 42mm(d)


  • Can save up to 90% of your usual water usage
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very cost effective
  • No expensive servicing costs
  • Can detect movement from up to 15 metres away and in the most inaccessible of areas
Cost Comparisons (On a 15 litre tank)
Unmanaged UrinalUrinal with Sensaflush®
Flushes Per Hour42**
Hours Per Day248
Days Per Week75
Weeks Per Year5252
Litres Per Year524,16065,520
COST PER YEAR £1189.84* £149.73

Savings of £1041.11 per year!

*Based on average UK water cost of £2.27 per m3
**This can be reduced further when setting up Sensaflush® unit

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